PhD in Reproductive Health


Program Description

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in Reproductive Health is a branch of the health and medical

sciences, in which PhD graduates learn about the different dimensions of reproductive health such as

population affairs, nutrition, reproductive right, epidemiology and advanced techniques in reproduction

and infertility during their training period.


The graduates of this program would acquire abilities for policy making and program planning,

leadership, conducting research and taking educational responsibilities in the field of reproductive

health and they will work in different centers for education, research and policy-making related to the

reproductive health.


The mission of this program is as follows:

a. To provide the academic staff required for the universities as well as national research and

educational centers in the field of midwifery and reproductive health

b. To provide expert workforces for planning, management and evaluation of reproductive health


c. To train researchers to conduct research projects towards the latest scientific achievements in

reproductive health at international levels