Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Center in Health, as a research center affiliated to Shahroud University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, based on the idea of ​​social development and health promotion seeks to attract participation and quality cooperation in other fields of science through knowledge development in line with the sustainable development programs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It commits to pursue and develop the growing participation of university researchers, provide all the capabilities of the university to the community, using quantitative and qualitative development Applied research and absorption of new health and treatment technologies and creating a suitable platform for interdisciplinary research, targeting research and conducting research in order to eliminate the health and health bottlenecks of the society. This research center tries to plan, monitor and implement activities, while training human resources, researchers in the field of behavioral and social sciences should take steps to promote mental health and the development of social justice and community health. Ethics are our guiding lines in all activities of this research center:

* Being the best in all areas

* Continuous adherence to ethical principles and professional qualities and respect for human and organizational relationships

* Provide the necessary platform for the participation of all stakeholders (researchers, researchers and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations partner in the health sector) in research-based interventions to promote social and behavioral health respecting the intellectual and material property of those involved in research

* Determining the priority of conducting research based on indigenous capacities and according to the social and cultural capacities of the society

* Perseverance, patience, diligence in respecting human dignity and principles of ethics in research