Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


CHSBSR was created to gather and disseminate data that will help to investigate on social and behavioral determinants of health and to do interventions on these determinants, while providing stakeholders with a better understanding of the opportunities, challenges and obstacles inherent in health. It is our firm belief that researching health issues with local populations and understanding health, wellness and population health management can positively affect the health and wellbeing of individuals.

As part of our mission, the CHSBSR strives to:

  • Collaborate with leading academics locally and globally to provide meaningful medical related research.
  • To enhance the development of evidence-based policies by generating relevant and empirical knowledge and information on social and behavioral determinants of health areas.
  • To facilitate the process of translating research findings into policy through dissemination and publication in peer-reviewed journals.
  • To promote the health through research and education.
  • To develop collaborative links with other local and international institutions for the purpose of strengthening capacity and sharing knowledge.
  • Better understand the social and behavioral determinants of health
  • Promote communication and collaborative relationships between departments and schools involved in health issues and international medical and health research.
  • To enhance national capacity for health research through internal and external training of research staff.



  • We are knowledgeable and professional, with the expertise to provide high quality evidence on determinants of health.
  • We provide information and resources for decision-making meaningful modification and health promotion.
  • We approach our scientific works with honesty, clarity and integrity, and infuse ethics throughout all we do.
  • We use participatory and collaborative approaches to planning, decision-making, and research.
  • We approach our research projects conducted without bias or favour.

Our Vision

Living our values to grow the capacity of our research center and university to use information, publications and our knowledge for decision-making and meaningful modification and health promotion actions.

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