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noFull NameList of academic rankslink in google scholar
4Marjan Akbari Kamrani, MD(Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology)مشاهده
6Ahmad Khosravi, PhD(Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology)مشاهده
3Samira Heidarian, PhD(Assistant Professor of Optometry)مشاهده
5Akbat Fotouhi, MD PhD(Professor of Ophthalmology, Honorary Member)مشاهده
7Mohammad Hassan Emamian, MD PhD(Associate Professor of Ophthalmology)مشاهده
2Reza Chaman. MD PhD(Professor of Epidemiology)مشاهده
1Hassan Hashemi, MD(Professor of Ophthalmology)مشاهده
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Last Update At : 20 September 2021