International efforts to control Myopia

27 September 2020 | 08:31 Code : 5103 Top news
Shahroud University of Medical Sciences and Singapore Eye Research Institute agree for data sharing to be used in Sunflower Myopia Asian Children study.
International efforts to control Myopia

The prevalence of myopia is high, especially in East Asian and some South-East Asian countries, leading to the increased risk of pathological myopia and visual impairment in adulthood. Increased near work and lack of outdoor time are known environmental risks factors for myopia. However, patterns of light exposure to prevent myopia are not completely understood. Adding to the unknown light patterns in children, there is still mixed evidence regarding some specific risk factors for myopia, such as digital screen time, a type of near work. The effect of screen time might be small and single studies have limited power and sample size. Therefore, a pooled analysis of individual participant data in a consortium with a larger sample size will add power.

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