effective refractive error coverage in adults

10 October 2022 | 08:42 Code : 9760 Last Results of SSCECS and ShECS

The Lancet journal publish a comprehensive report on the world status for effective refractive error coverage in adults aged 50 years and older by using the results of researches in 61 countries. In this report, Shahroud Eye Cohort Study, which was the only population-based study available in the region, was used for estimates in the North African and Eastern Mediterranean region. Based on the results of this study, the effective coverage for distance refractive errors in Iran was 62.9% for both sexes, 67.5% for men and 59.8% for women. This coverage also decreases with increasing age. The global average of this coverage was 42.9% and the highest coverage in high-income countries was 81.8%.

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