About the Hospital


In the shadow of the blessings of Almighty God and the blessings of Prophet Samen al-A'maam and in the shadow of the guidance of the Supreme Leader in maintaining the health system and providing services to the respected clients of Imam Hossein Hospital in Shahroud, it was inaugurated in 1999 to be the first step towards fulfilling a great dream. To have a unique medical center to serve clients was a modern, unique space.

Imam Hossein Hospital is one of the educational, research and treatment centers of Shahroud University of Medical Sciences which was built in 1994 on a land of 130000 square meters with an area of about 25200 square meters in 2 floors and in September 1999 with 8 operating rooms. Various inpatient departments and 313 approved beds were operated and upgraded to 18 inpatient beds and 395 beds during the activity. Of the 130,000 square meters, about 60,000 square meters of green space. This trauma center is equipped with a helicopter. It also has a central oxygen generator and two autoclave safe wastewater treatment plants. It also has a biological wastewater treatment system for surface aeration and after reducing pollution loads to The standardization of the effluent output effluent into the municipal wastewater network.

Currently the center has departments : ENT, ophthalmology, internal medicine, general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular, urology, orthopedics, neurology, psychiatry, infectious disease, dialysis ICU1, ICU2, ICU3, CCU,, poost ccu is the cardiovascular surgery center as well as the clinic and para- clinical departments.

Cardiac Surgery Center and MRI Imaging Center

  Other sections are for diagnosis and treatment of patients