Patient Rights

  • The patient is entitled to receive, favorable, effective, and full-fledged care as soon as possible, regardless of the cultural and religious factors of the treatment group.
  • The patient is entitled to recognize the place of admission, the doctor, the nurse and other members of the treatment group.
  • The patient is entitled to request information from the doctor about the stages of diagnosis, treatment and progression of the disease, either personally or through one of the relatives, so that in medical practice this should not result in delayed treatment or a person's life threatening.
  • The patient is entitled to receive information about the possible complications or use of other methods prior to examination and treatment, and participate in the selection of the final treatment method.
  • According to the legal rules, the patient is entitled to declare his personal consent to the end of the treatment or refer to other therapeutic centers.
  • The patient is entitled to ensure the confidentiality of the contents of the medical file in order to protect his or her privacy, the results of examinations and clinical advice, provided that they are based on the legal duties of the treatment team.
  • The patient is entitled to confidentiality of the doctor and member of the medical team. Therefore, the clinical presence of people not directly involved in the treatment process will be subject to permission from the patient.
  • The patient is entitled to ensure that the doctor and other key members of the treatment group are available during hospitalization, transfer, and post-clearance.
  • The patient is entitled to a full knowledge of the hospital's educational and research activities that affects his health and treatment, his readiness and willingness to participate in treatment or non-cooperation at various stages of the research.
  • The patient has the right, if necessary, to dispatch and continue treatment in other treatment centers, to know the skill of the treatment group, tariff rates and coverage of services at the destination treatment center.