Admission Guide


Guidelines for admission of hospitalized patients


To provide the order of admission from the attending physician to the Ahad

Presenting national card, birth certificate, insurance booklet and introducing supplementary insurance letters

Patient or patient's referral with the Order of admission and verification of financial statements to the discharge unit for financial verification

The patient referred to the section after the coordination of the relevant departments (this is done by the admissions officers)

Issuing a mobile card (if desired) with the coordination of the relevant section

Documents required for patient hospitalization


Providing an order on behalf of the attending physician to the admissions unit

Submit your national card, certificate or insurance booklet

Women's attendance with birth certificate

In the admission of children, a legal guardian with birth certificate

Introducing supplementary insurance letters preferably at the time of admission or finally up to 12 hours after the hospitalization of the patient

In case of emergency, if you do not provide a valid identification card when accepting the patient, delivery it is up to 12h after the hospitalization

Patient Admission Essential information


After the allocation of the bed and the acceptance and verification process, the patient will be transferred to the relevant section with patients.

It is necessary to control the information contained in the Admission tab and patient identification bracelet by the patient or with him in order to verify the accuracy of the information mentioned.

Admission to the patient is carried out from 6 a.m. to 7 pm in the reception area (lobby/ground floor) and from 7 pm to 6 a.m. in emergency reception.

The presence of the patient's bedside is possible in case of confirmation of the attending physician, section and issuing the accompanying card.

The amount of amounts that is obtained after accepting the patient is only a prerequisite and the full amount of costs that includes the fees of doctors and hospital fees are announced by the discharge unit.

Persons who are less than 12 years old are allowed to stay in visit hours