Introducing of the Committee


Increasing researches on humans followed by data collection and data maintenance raise concern about abuse, damages and ethical standards in design and running research projects and also their publications. In order to prevent possible abuses, Nuremberg code (1949), Helsinki declaration (1975) and Belmont report (1978) recommended principles in biomedical researches.

This issue was also addressed at the 18th meeting of advisory committee on health research (EM/ACHR) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that national ethics committees for Biological Research in all countries of the region should approve and execute the National Ethics regulations in Medical Researches. In accordance with the instructions of national ethics committee in biomedical research, Shahroud University of Medical Sciences has established an ethics committee for biomedical research.

Upon ministerial regulations, regarding establishments, grading and descriptions of duties for research ethics committee, research ethics committee of Shahroud University of Medical Sciences is accredited to act at the university level.