Cover Letter Guidelines


Cover Letter Guidelines

SHMU Applicants should complement their CV with a cover letter, addressed to SHMU Admission Committee. An influential cover letter should highlight

your qualifications, communication skills and fields of interest. It should also demonstrate your skills and experiences that required by SHMU.


Cover letter is an opportunity to convince the SHMU Admission Committee that you have the potential to be a SHMU prospective student.

You should determine your intended program in the cover letter and prove your eligibility for the requested study program by listing your

specific skills which can distinguish you from other applicants. The purpose why you chose SHMU should also be explained.

If you are applying for a scholarship, include your qualifications that make you a bona fide candidate to win the scholarship.

Moreover, since SHMU is looking for students with vision and motivation, you should well describe your goals and aspiration.


Cover Letter Format

Prepare a one-page neat and readable cover letter with font type Times New Roman and size 12 points.

Make sure your request is well written. Proofread carefully, check spelling and grammar and share your essay with friends or teachers before submission.

Your contact information such as the email address, phone number and postal address should be included in the cover letter.

Please follow the below format when composing your cover letter:




Dear Admission Committee,




  • Introduce yourself
  • Indicate which program you are applying for
  • The reason you chose SHMU



  • Highlight your qualifications
  • List your experiences
  • Indicate your communication skills and expertise
  • Mention your academic achievements and anything that makes you stand out
  • Pinpoint your ambitions and your interests and how they relate to the program you are applying for
  • Include your qualifications that make you a potential scholarship winner




  • State your desire for an interview
  • Thank the reader for their time.