About SHMU

About SHMU

Shahroud University of Medical Sciences (SHMU) is a public medical school located in Shahroud, Iran. Its mission began in1971 and developed to Collage of Nursing and Midwifery In1992.Shahroud University of Medical Sciences established in 2007. It's a governmental funded university and presently, more than 600 internal/external sponsored research projects are running by its researchers and students. The university benefits from four schools, namely; School of Medicine, School of Nursing and Midwifery, School of Allied Medical Sciences and School of Public Health. Currently, more than 1800 students are pursuing their higher education in postgraduate and undergraduate levels. SHMU benefits from the full time cooperation of 120 faculty members and academic staffs. This university has trained many students in different levels in various fields of PhDs and general medicine.


SHMU Vision

A pioneer, standard, innovative, customer-oriented and quality-driven academic institution which is superior in education, research, technology, innovation and knowledge utilization in national and regional levels by facilitating internationalization process towards transformation into third generation universities.


SHMU Mission

  • To provide good and quality health care services through the best national and international standards


  • Trusteeship national missions by facilitating internationalization process towards third and fourth generation universities


  • To utilize the research-derived knowledge for the health discipline  


  • To educate eligible, efficient, dedicated and expert individuals in order to maintain and promote community health


  • To provide, promote and maintain food and drug safety at community level 


  • To develop research, knowledge production and new technological innovation, indigenous knowledge and entrepreneurship in order to maintain/ and promote community health


SHMU Values


  • Divine sovereignty and spiritual commitment with emphasis on human dignity
  • Commitment  to social justice principles in provision of all health systems services
  • Utilizing Islamic-Iranian models in  various dimensions of educational, research and executive
  • Educational, research and professional  ethics commitments and ascendancy affaires
  • Strategic sovereignty in university’s various  problems
  • Team working,  creativity,  innovating and knowledge based efforts


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